About Me

It's so hard to put a label on who I am, so that I can describe myself.  Obviously, I'm a teacher.  I've only been teaching three years and every year I have moved classrooms and grade levels.  In fact, my second year I moved a school!  I have taught fourth grade science, third grade all subjects, and fifth grade science and social studies.  My fourth year will be the FIRST year that I don't move.  I'm very excited to stay put. :)

I hope to utilize this blog as a way to inspire others.  I have been inspired by the abundance of information available on the internet, that I was trying to centralize those ideas for myself and friends.  I want to share things I have found and/or created with my teacher friends, new and old.  

My personal life involves my husband, Alex.  We actually met in middle school, where he told me to shut up in the seventh grade.  My senior year I tried my hardest to win him over, but he was not that into me.  However, I won him over when I moved back home from Savannah, Georgia.  We now have been married 4 years.  It will be five in October, 2013. We have a beautiful dog named Bandi, which we have spoiled rotten.

We enjoy watching movies, traveling, and bowling.  We are always together and usually with a family member.  Family is definitely important to both of us.

Here are some other facts...

Favorite color: Pink
Favorite movie: Wizard of Oz
Favorite television show: GLEE!!!!!
Favorite food: Japanese

Anything else you want to know? ;)