Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Memories!!

Three days before our last day I did a fun activity with the kids using a sheet I found from one of my bloggy friends, that again I am not sure who!! (Let me know, so that I can tag them!)

Each student was giving a piece of paper that said One thing I like about (insert their name) is... and it was passed around the room. I told the students that they could only write something POSITIVE, which they all ended up doing very well with.

I also was able to pass around mine during each class and wanted to share with you what the students wrote. I will go ahead and tell you that I got all teary eyed!!!

One thing I like about Mrs. Lazenby is...
1. You are always sharing and teaching us things.
2. You give us things and you are nice!
3. You are the greatest teacher who taught science!
4. How you give us things
5. how you always give us second chances (FROM ONE OF THE "BAD" KIDS, how could I not hug him after that?)
6. How you're the best teacher ever
7. Your the funniest teacher ever in history, love ya!
(TOTALLY SKIPPED THE NUMBER 8, but hey I only taught science! ;))
9. I like you cause you a teacher.
10. You are very nice and the greatest teacher in the whooooooole wide world.
11. I like you, you are nice, you are the best teacher I ever had.
12. Your my best teacher ever!!
13. Your clothes.
14. How nice and always honest.
15. That you are really nice and you have a good since of humor.
16. That you are the best teacher ever, I am gonna miss you.
17. She fun and smart woman.
18. She greatest teacher ever
19. You are a good science teacher ever!
20. Your way of making something fun!
21. You are my favorite science teacher ever!
22. I like the way you told me when I was bad and good.
23. Your a good teacher
24. She's a very wonderful and nice teaching in the world.
25. I liked your personality.
26. You're a fun teacher.
27. I like your kindness and science!
28. Nice and beautiful.
29. She is fun
30. That she is the best teacher I ever had and I will never forget you!!
31. One thing I like about Miss Lazenby is her cool experiments.
32. You are an awesome science teacher.
33. Everything about you!
34. Everything!! (BFF)
25. What I like about you is that you are the best teacher.
38. I like that you giave me a chance to be good. And that you took the time with me. I'll miss you the most of the teachers!
39. One thing I like about you is that you teach me science.
40. I like your smile and laugh, but most of all I like that me and you like pink!
41. I like your teaching.
42. I like that you always make us laughing.
43. One thing I like about Mrs. Lazenby is her funny, nice personality.
44. You're sweet.
45. You are the nicest teacher!
46. I like the way she makes us laugh
47. You are the best teacher in the world and funny!
48. That she does fun stuff to motivate us.
49. I like about her is she is funny and sings lovely.
50. Mrs. Lazenby is a very beautiful teacher
51. I like your signing, dancing, teaching, and clothes.
52. You ar ethe funniest teacher on the planet! Rock and "role"
53. The awesome teacher in the world
54. YOu are the fun teacher in the school
55. I like you, you are beautiful.

Unfortunately not all of our students were present the last week of school, but this was still a fun activity!!


  1. Told you teaching science was the BEST thing ever! If you think really hard, you will figure out who this is, it won't take you


  3. What a super idea! We still have 7 weeks left here in the UK but I might do this after our half term holiday next week as a celebration of how awesome my class are! Thanks for the idea!


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