Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old Pictures

It's been a minute, I know!! I have been slack and just blog stalking all those wonderful blogs I follow. I am definitely envious of their designs, lessons, and cute items! Over the summer I will be trying to create some of my own items, but geared for my upper elementary students! By the way, if you know of any blogs that I am NOT following that are awesome for upper grades, please suggest them.

I had a bunch of pictures saved and wanted to upload them and here I am doing that tonight.

Below is a picture of the balloons I came to work early to blow up for a lesson on sound. We talked about how sounds are produced because of vibrations and then held a balloon and felt the music being played. The students really enjoyed this visual. Of course my students related it back to the big speakers their parents have in the car and how they vibrate. Hey, at least they understood!!! :)
The next pictures are of the MANY items we created during our Solar System unit. Each class was responsible for creating TWO LARGE posters on two assigned planets. Then partners were assigned to create a poster advertising a PLANET FOR SALE. Lastly, a take home project was given to create a travel brochure for a a planet and why it should be visited. Our wall was covered and we received MANY compliments!!
Students were not allow the sell or advertise Earth, since we know more about it than any other planet.

The view from in front of our door! I was soo proud!
And this I couldn't help, but share. Students always have excuses as to why they did not do their homework. This parent sent a note stating the the dog literally ate his homework sheet! :)

What is the funniest excuse you've ever received for not having homework?

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