Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google. Reader

ALL my blogs that I was following on Google Reader disappeared yesterday. Did this happen to anyone else? Do you know how I can retrieve them??


  1. It did NOT happen to me. If it's still an issue for you,
    though, I have blog rolls for each grade level from
    Preschool-6th grade listed on the Ning groups
    associated with ElemenentaryTeachersNetwork.ning.com
    and stored in the Links section of the grade level groups that are
    associated with the Elementary-Lesson-Share Yahoo group.
    You are welcome to join the any of them, copy the lists,
    and then unsubscribe whenever you want..
    The blog rolls might help you recall the ones that you are
    interested in retrieving...

  2. Thank you! I will do that! I did try to restore it today, but I'm not sure how. It shows that I follow all the blogs still on blogger, but my Google Reader nor my Dashboard Reader says I'm not following any blogs! :(

  3. Wow, as SOON as I hit POST on my message above then 101 posts in Google Reader showed up! yay!!

  4. wow. what a nightmare! I check my google reader more than facebook & email! i'd be so sad! glad it worked out for you!

  5. Thank you Molli! I was freaking out! I was actually on my phone earlier and trying to open it and was anxious to get home to try and fix it!! :)


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