Saturday, June 15, 2013

Classroom Decor Linky Party

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Pinterest!  As far as my classroom goes, I LOVE ALL THE FUN IDEAS!!  However, I hate that everyone appears to have ALL this space!  Geeze, I can barely fit my students and myself in my room!! :)

I'm teaming up with Just Reed for this super fun Linky Party!!
I LOOOOVEEE these, but I would totally put "BEE" because that seems to be my theme because of my last name!!  I also like the POSITIVE rules instead, "Don't forget your stuff! Don't be rude to others!"
How cute is this? If I get bored this summer I may just have to do this! Lol!
This is GORGEOUS!! I totally cannot sew though, so if ANYONE wants to make this for me let me know!!
My 5th Graders would LOVE this!  I'm totally going to attempt to cut some letters! ;)
I'm totally doing this! I teach 3 classes, so this will help me to remind all students about the SAME things!
My mind is already going on how and WHERE to make a LARGE timeline over SS facts in the classroom.
I know it doesn't match any of the colors I want to have in my classroom, but WOZ is my favorite movie! :) 
I love polka dots, so this just caught my eye!  Plus, using wall space to help me organize is a PLUS because I have a lot of that! 
I'm totally doing a Twitter wall, but it won't be to this extreme!  I'm going to place it outside of our door for others to see what we learned that day!!  I think at the beginning I'm going to select a few students from each class to participate!  **Will update when I have it all together!! 
This concept it great, but I don't want that many! Plus I'm going to Mod Podge them with scrapbook paper. Can you tell me where to get clipboards on the low low?

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my "WOW, I WISH I WERE THIS DANG CRAFTY" post.  If you want to see other cute classroom ideas then follow this linky party! 


  1. Hi,
    Found you through the Ten Pin linky. I love the idea of the class timeline. Thinking about how to try that next year school wide since I am a reading coach, not a classroom teacher.
    Have a great week,
    Leading and Reading

  2. Stacy, thank you for stopping by my little ol' blog! ;) I loved this Ten Pin linky, it gave me even more ideas!! I think a school wide timeline would be great! Maybe they can do a timeline with the books they've read all year?


  3. You can get clip boards at the dollar tree.


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