Thursday, July 18, 2013

One door closed... Another one opens!

Hey y'all.

What marks your "Oh boy, I'm getting ready to go back to school?"

Every years (4th year now) my friend Lora and I head up to Conyers, Ga to visit The School Box teacher supply store.  It is a fun ladies get away, plus we get to shop for our classroom! :)  It also marks for us, that "Hey, you need to get things together."

This year was no different, so Lora and I left yesterday morning and drove 1 hour and 30 minutes to get our shop on!!

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However, when we walked in the door we noticed something was different.  This normally gigantic store had half the store blocked off.  The items that they had available were about 1/3 the items they typically sell.  Plus, the normally friendly staff seemed aggravated.   Lora found out that they were moving down the sidewalk, but that part wasn't open yet.  Another teacher that was shopping around heard Lora tell them how far we had driven to shop, so she told us of another store!

We bought a few items and loaded up the car.  I glanced over at the "new" store and saw that it was about half the size of this one.  I didn't think anything else of it though.  I put in the next teacher store in my GPS and found out it was in Macon, which was another hour and 30 minutes away.  We decided to head over there.

When we pulled up, we saw the sign that said open to the public.  We both said out loud, "that's good."  I asked Lora what we would have done if they were closed and we couldn't go in and drove that far!  We both laughed, but lucky for us they were open.

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Georgia School Supply was such a great find and worth the trip!  They have one of everything that you've every wanted for your classroom! ;)  They could actually use for a bigger store because with all us teachers in there plundering it did get a bit crowded.  However, the staff was friendly and would help you find WHATEVER you needed.

Once we checked out, the owner (?) of the store asked us if we had School Box punch cards.  We told him we did and then he asked if we had heard the news.  He then told us about the School Box filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and he wasn't sure what was going to happen to them.  We told him about our experience and he figured they were downsizing, hence the smaller space they were moving to.

He told us that GA School Supply didn't plan on going anywhere, so they would love to have us.

So needless to say Lora and I will no longer be making the trip to Conyers every year.  Instead we will will be driving to Macon to visit the GA School Supply store! :)  **Side note, coming home we obviously went a different route and it only took 2 and 1/2 hours.

Oh duh, I forgot to tell you everything I bought! :)

Well, most importantly I decided on my classroom colors or themes.  The pink and green are for my two bulletin boards.  The blue is for a timeline that I am going to TRY and create in the classroom.  The  students will illustrate the timeline for different events that we talk about.

Then I bought...
The place cards will be put on each desk and will contain three names, one for each set of students that I will teach.  The notepad was free from my new favorite teacher store! ;)

Lastly, I bought...
I bought two Civil War books.  One is for the Key Battles and the other is all about Georgia!  The Key Battles is more stories and facts.  The Georgia book contains worksheets.  The name tags will be used on the timeline, as well as the pencils.  I'm just trying to decide exactly what I'm going to do. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!  Where do you like to get your classroom items?  Also, what marks the beginning of "OMG, it is almost time to go back!?"

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