Monday, June 9, 2014


Happy summer folks!

I've been on summer break since May 28.  My days have been filled with Lifetime movies, lunches with girlfriends, and spending time with my dog! :)  Exciting, right?

I definitely enjoy summer, but I do end up getting bored very quickly.  I used to work during the summer and was even planning on it this year, but decided not to at the last minute.

Here is a little project I did because of boredom! ;)

The far left is of all the expired and WASTED food in the pantry.  I also cleaned the fridge, freezer, and spice cabinet.  The two other pictures are of my organized  pantry!  This also leads to another project that I am working on, which is to try and cook more!  I do not enjoy it, so I hope by the end of the summer I can be a little more tolerant of it! ;)  This is also will help contribute to my Weight Watchers, which I'm down 28lbs! :)  I still have a LOT more to go, but you have to start somewhere!

Anyways, the best part of my summer thus far arrived in the mail on Friday! :)  Have you heard of Slantbox before?  SLANT stands for- Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers.  This lovely idea was created by Lessons with Coffee.  

Each month has a theme.  The theme for May was "May I Introduce..."  The box had to have some type of monogram and be all about your partner that was selected for you.

I sent a box to Angel over at Diary of an Alien.  If you want to see what I got her, I'm sure she will blog about it later! ;)

Katie from Rock and Teach  ended up with my name!  I must say that Katie did a GREAT job of "introducing" me!

Pink packing peanuts, SCORE! ;)

Everything was placed in the cute canvas "Hello" bag.  It included a pink L, which will be great on my desk!  A burlap monogramed keychain!  A CHEVRON stamp!  AND THESE CUTE PENCILS!!  Instead of erasers they have pink gems on the top!

Seriously, she did great!  Thanks, Katie!

I will definitely be participating in SLANTbox again!


  1. I did not know about that SLANT box exchange. So Fun!

    1. This was my first time! I hadn't heard of it until last month! In fact, the only reason I found out about it is because I was actively using InstaGram and they were popping up!


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