Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oops I did it again!

So I left my last post hanging that there will be big changes coming.  I can officially tell you now that I will be with a new county next year!  I will still be teaching 5th grade Science and Social Studies, so that is a plus!!

Now my new school seems pretty great so far, but I'm not officially back on the clock until Thursday.  Unfortunately our school was last on the list to be cleaned and it still isn't ready.  So I haven't even started in my room yet.  In fact, all my items are in the garage- piling up with new items! :)

My new team will consist of 6 teachers total instead of 3 like in the past.  1 of the teachers was there last year in 5th grade, but all the others are new to the grade or school.  We've gotten together a few times to plan.  It is kind of exciting to start fresh, but nerve wrecking, too!

Anyways, I want to share with you my SLANTbox for June/July!  I participated last May with Lessons with Coffee.  You can find our more here!  This month's theme was Sunshine.  So I sent a nice yellow and pink (because that is Sarah's favorite color) box.  You can check out her blog about her box.  While you are there you should look around!  She is full of great ideas!  I had such a great time getting to know her, too!  We have so much in common it is simply amazing! :)  Go visit her at Learning by Hart!!

I received a box, too!  My box came from Amanda at Third Grade Fabulous!  I must say that she hit the nail on the head! I absolutely LLLLOOOVVVEEE my box!  If you follow me on Instagram (@supaams) then you know that I obsessed with hedgehogs!  Well, Amanda filled my box with LOTS of hedgie loot that I had never even seen before!!!

I had polka dot folders (another favorite) and clipboard with notepad.  I had hedgehog Post-Its, hedgie picture, and a CUTE notebook that I used at my professional development on Friday! :)  I think I received the best box ever!! ;)

I'm working on some other blog topics, but I have been slacking!  I will definitely get back on board whenever I am in my room and actually getting ready.  (Haha, this should be sooner than later!)

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