Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As a first year teacher discipline is the HARDEST to me.

One night I was up crying about the behavior of a few of my students. I began to Google ideas and found something called Rubber-band Discipline. I do apologize that I don't remember the site, but please note this is NOT an original idea from me.

How it works:

I start the morning (or beginning of each class) with six rubber bands on my right wrist. Anytime my STRONG WILLED student acts out I remove a rubber band, which is of course after giving him/her one warning, and place it on my left wrist. At the end of the class period if they have four rubber bands left they can receive a piece of candy.

The site suggested using silly bands, or different colored rubber bands for different students. Also if you have students all day (which I teach four different classes throughout the day), then you can utilize a schedule with the bands. Keep track after an hour or two how many are left and then add them up at the end of the day.

Results? Well of course these students are still not perfect, but this has offered them more of a motivation to do better. It also is a visual reminder when I am teaching I don't have to stop and say the student's name, just simply make eye contact and remove a band.

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