Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's The Matter?

As I was preparing for my student teaching I had to create a learning center. I was preparing for a second grade classroom and was told I would be teaching a unit on MATTER! I was excited to try and attempt my first learning center. My attempt ended up doing pretty well! Check it out below!

On the right corner you will see the necklaces hanging up. Students will wear these when in this center for me to identify if they are out of place. The students will follow the directions on the board, which has them staring on the left and then right. The last step would be the center of the board, students would pull items from the basket and put them in the correct category.

This is the left side of the board. The first step is to match the definitions up with the correct words. Then you would check your answers by looking in the envelope attached at the bottom. **The board is covered in felt and the back of each item has a piece of velcro to allow for easy placement and removing!

This is what the left side looks like when completed.

The right side is next (see the cute necklaces). Students will pull characteristics out and match them with the correct state of matter. Then they would check their answers. This picture actually shows the right side already completed.

In the middle the students will put the correct items in the category and then fill out the handout with all the items listed from the board in their correct place. This would be turned into the teacher to check for understanding.

Here is the entire board completed. Enjoy!


  1. Cute idea! I love it!

    This is my 4th year to teach 4th grade. I teach math and social studies this year, though each of my previous years included science as well. It's nice to find another 4th grade blog! I'm sure we can still share ideas even though we don't teach the same subject! :D

  2. Visiting from Blog Addict. I'd love to have more upper elementary participants in the Math Monday Blog Hop. Stop by!

    :) Cindy

  3. Thank you. I am also excited to have found an UPPER grades blog! We can definitely share ideas. All these first grade teachers are taking over the blog world! :)


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