Saturday, May 14, 2011

End of the Year!

I cannot believe that this is the LAST week of my FIRST year of teaching! It has been an experience, that is for sure! However, with the bad came the good! I cannot imagine things being any different. Next year I will know what to expect! This summer I will plan, plan, and plan!!!

Besides I am WAY PROUD OF MY LITTLE BOOGERS!!! On Friday we got the results back from our CRCT. My Scientist did AWESOME! 75% of them PASSED!! The 25% was made up of 17 students, 3 of them are SPED and 3 of them missed a passing grade by ONE QUESTION!!!

It didn't hit me until we went into a meeting on Friday afternoon and was given this graph. I cried!

(First column all students, second is third grade, third is fourth grade, and last is 5th grade.)

My students did NOT get to have a science review because I was helping the reading teacher for three weeks. And we only spent ONE day talking about Light and Sound! However, we were still able to accomplish this!

Another proud moment was when I found out one my kids only missed ONE question on the entire science section of the CRCT. I am making a special reward for him now. However, I was wondering what others do for students that passed state testing?

Our honor's day is on Wednesday and I have lots of goodies for the students. One is a class picture for each student, our school does not take them. I did this for EACH fourth grade class. I also got these AWESOME candy bar wrappers made!

My friend Mandy makes these and are very reasonably priced! If you are interested just leave me a message and I can send you her information! She is currently making them to raise money for a mission trip she is going on in June. I was happy to help her, and LOVED what I received in return! ;)

(I just wrapped all 70 of these tonight and this is the outcome!)

As a class we also voted on classroom awards for each student, which I printed and laminated those certificates. Students will be receiving them after the school honor's day. I sent this invitation home to parents, I HOPE THAT SOME COME!!!

What are some things that teachers do for OLDER students at the end of the year?

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