Saturday, May 14, 2011


After the CRCT students thought that they were done, but we still had light and sound to talk about. I knew that I needed to keep on with doing things hands on to keep them interested. So here we are doing an experiment about reflection.

I gave students a mirror and asked them to draw a shape on a piece of paper. We then talked about the line of symmetry and how to find it. When students found it on their shapes they drew a small circle inside. We knew that only one side had a circle, so if we were seeing the circle in the mirror it was a reflection. We talked about how the reflection appeared, which was backwards.

I then found this really neat sheet from United Streaming online and gave it to each student. It was a maze, but you had to complete it only by looking in the mirror.

Here are students completing the mirror maze. They thought this was SOO FUN!

We finished up our light and sound unit by making a book about them. Students tried to draw mirror images inside, which again they thought was fun!

I'm glad we ended our science lessons on a high note!

Next week we will finish our KWL chart that we did the first day of class...
K: What we KNEW already about Science
W: What we WANT to learn!
And the L will of course be what we LEARNED!

We will also write letters to upcoming fourth grade students about Mrs. Lazenby's class.

Can't wait...

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