Monday, July 11, 2011

Check this out!!

Guess who has been shopping? Well, I am always shopping so that is no surprise.

I have hit those Target bins and purchased EVERYTHING that has already been blogged. I have also hit the Dollar Tree for those fold-able crates, but I also found something else!!!!

Are you ready???

I got these for $1, which is .50 for each!! It is a pencil sharpener and eraser in one!! These two things are something my students always need and will be GREAT as a gift on the first day of school!! Bad thing? They only had 14 packs. Which is enough for my homeroom, but not enough for ALL of the kids I teach. So I am definitely keeping my eyes open for more of these!!

Here is a picture of my bag all packed and ready to be emptied into my classroom, if only I could get in...

Oh, I forgot I got theses glasses at Hobby Lobby for $2 (VBS sale section). I know my kids will love these in the treat box!

Don't forget about my giveaway. I will be picking a winner this evening!!! :)

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