Saturday, July 9, 2011

Discipline System

I am so glad that I am getting so many followers to my bloggy! I feel soooo special! :) It also makes me go YAY because I'm able to put out a question and know that someone is going to read it and possibly help solve my problems! :)

So what is the deal you ask? Well last year was my first year teaching. I taught fourth grade science to four different classes. I will admit that it was the BIGGEST challenge of my life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed teaching. However, I was overwhelmed to say the least.

There were three other fourth grade teachers with me. My idea was to have the same classroom rules and to implement the same reward system. Maybe like tickets from the teachers and then cashing them in with homeroom teacher on a certain day. However, the other teachers chose to do their own system.

I assume that this year I will be in the same boat, but wanted to try something that would work for each class and would not cost me an arm and leg. I ended up doing a sticker card for each student (70) and when they received 10 stickers they went to the prize box or candy box. Needless to say I went through a lot of index cards, stickers, candy, and treasure box prizes.

I know that some of my followers are departmentalized and can help me. What methods do you use in your classroom? I followed the Classroom Management linky party, but I didn't see anything about the specific case. Although I got some AWESOME things from y'all!

However, creating a pocket chart, clothes pin chart, or anything of that nature for 70 kids is tough to keep up with. I will say that at my school an individual discipline system is needed, not based on how the WHOLE class does! (Which I do that on top of individual).

So there you go faithful followers, bloggy friends, and teachers...

Please help, offer advice, or just smile and nod! ;)

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  1. Hi there! Last year I borrowed this idea from a fellow teacher. Pass out tickets and then pull 1 name a week. I originally thought this would never work...but I was amazed at how well it actually does! I carried tickets around in my pocket all of the time. I just used the carnival type tickets that you can get from walmart. I also started pulling out tickets throughout the week - these weren't for prizes but were for special privileges (take shoes off, computer time, no homework pass). If I pulled a student and they were off task, they missed out (this really encouraged good behavior all of the time). All tickets went back into the bucket so they still had a chance to win. I used a miniature crate to collect my tickets. I was thinking - you could have 4 different colored crates for each class to keep the classes separate. Then on Fridays pull one ticket out from each box. It would only cost you 4 prizes a week. Good luck!
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  2. I don't know if I can help, but I thought I'd share. I team teach too, but I only teach with 1 other person. My partner and I do have the same discipline plan (same rules and consequences and management strategy). I don't know how I'd do it without the consistency. Is science the only subject you team with?


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