Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on the room..

Well today it seems that I took two steps (maybe 50 steps) back! The previous 5th grade Science teacher unloaded all of her stuff into my room. I was busy cleaning out my file cabinet and closet that I didn't even touch what she brought in. So here are pictures of my new found mess...

My desk, blah!! In front of it are the resource tubs that came with the science book.

Science stuff that was given to me by previous teacher on my table...
And on my front row of desks! :)

This is the contents of my file cabinet that I am throwing away! Still doesn't look like I did much though!

Ohh, something that my other 5th grade teachers did was put paper up in the "used to be windows" on the wall. It made the posters that I had there last year pop. The custodians helped me out today and put the paper and border up! :)

I'll be there tomorrow morning and spend the rest of the day! I HOPE that I can finish, but we'll see!

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  1. I sooo understand where you are coming from!! I worked on cleaning my room today and it is a slow process! I can now see the tops of the desks! Science stuff takes up a lot of space.
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