Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm ready!!

Well after today I have decided that I am ready for the kids! My room is pretty much set up, just have to make/purchase some things this weekend.

Here are the finishing touches...

My desk. I'm going to buy something cute to put on the other side this weekend. :) Not sure what though.

The kids computers and my new HALL PASSES hanging on the wall!! Check them out at Oriental Trading....

Another view of my desk area/front of room.

The side wall. The first black area will be a desk calendar, then standards and essential questions, notes for section we're talking about, and word wall.

Still haven't gotten that front desk fixed, but eventually it will and be placed in row! :)

Pile of posters, from previous picture... I need to bring my poster bag to store these in, but keep forgetting.

These are my Georgia Performance Standards for the entire year.

What do I do when I'm done? You can choose this stuff!

Eventually my desk will be in groups and I will have 6 of them. In the middle of the groups they will have a caddy with the large eraser, pencil sharpener, and extra pencils. I hope this works out!!

Science stuff waiting to be used! :)

Inside my cabinet, somewhat organized. I can definitely live with this! This is the top two shelves.

These are the bottom two.

This is actually the middle shelf

My computer. Check out my USB man from Office Depot! :)

From the back of the room.

Behind my desk...

I hope that you enjoyed your tour! :)


  1. Stephanie JoesburyJuly 29, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    I loved your tour! Wishing you the best year possible!
    Stephanie Joesbury

  2. When do you start with students?

    I've been spending a couple hours a day for 1-2 days a week getting my room ready...and yesterday I decided that I'd had enough of room I need to get started thinking about the first 3 days of school and what I want and need students to accomplish...we start Aug. 17 with a full day.

    Your room looks ready and great. thanks for sharing.

    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  3. Looks like the classroom of a veteran teacher already! The kids are going to love your class! Who wouldn't?

  4. Got to LOVE those science teachers! It looks great....glad you are having such a great time with teaching.

  5. I love your desk Dasani


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