Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can I get an AMEN?

Happy New Year everyone!

I am so glad that it is 2012 because that means that this school year is almost over. It means that this roller coaster isn't on that first big drop anymore. It means that I have a moment to breathe and update everyone about life.

For those of you who didn't read on September 16 I was informed that it would be my last day at my school and I was being moved to a new school. I also had to be there on Monday, which made things even more crazier! So I packed up and unloaded at home and then on Monday loaded back up for the new school. I was moved from fifth grade science to third grade all subjects. There were three third glad classes and mine would make four. So I had to take these three different classes and make them my own. Basically, I felt as though I was drowning and that instead of people throwing a life savor they dumped more water on my head!

Anyway, I slowly got used to the fact that I was a third grade teacher. I will say that teaching all the subjects is a real headache and that is probably my least favorite part! When I taught science I lived and breathed science. I focused on one thing and did it well. Now I have four subjects that I want to do my best in and there isn't enough time to even prepare. My new school is nice and the students are not bad at all. However, I really just haven't caught a break..

...That is until now! :) Somehow at this moment I'm breathing and I THINK I'm ahead of what I should be doing! I hope to maintain this peaceful mood as I continue on throughout the school year.

I apologize that things are few and far between, but I really don't have much to share. Reason being? Well I'm begging, borrowing, and stealing and not really creating anything of my own! My next post will be strictly pictures and you will see all the great things that I have found via Google and BLOG LAND! I appreciate everyone's willingness to share and post things for free and even on Teachers Pay Teachers! I've spent more money than I have made, but you're making this a lot easier!

I hope that everyone else can find a little piece this school year. I know that it is tough, but enjoy the ride! <3

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