Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recent happenings...

Character words up for Social Studies, not too interesting. :/
Our Map to track our USA Postcard Exchange. We have LOT more postcards to get to, but it is hard to fit the time in!!!
Group Sparkle Points! My kiddies LOVE this!! The groups can earn points throughout the week and the group with the most points on Friday gets a prize! :)
Power word poster! Very handy!
Division anchor chart that the kids can remove the words and the put them in the correct place..
Anyone played this game? I just got it in the mail today! Looks like it is a good one! Basically clock dominoes!

I got this pencil sharpener for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!!! It works great, plus has a 10 year warranty...
Even better, when the pencil is sharp the light turns blue!!!!!!
Our Class Rocks Jar! Again my friend Mandy Flanders made this for me! Anything crafty she can do for me! We earn rocks for compliments, no names in the book, everyone doing their homework, etc.... When it is full we get a prize!!! Check her out at,
These nifty posters came from The Teacher Wife! I purchased it this morning and have already done three activities from it! It has 58 pages of lots of goodies! Check it out here...
Another item from the pack! :)

And these OH so cute bookmarks that I'm giving the kiddies tomorrow! :)

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  1. Looks like your doing a great job. You have always been so creative. Keep it up!!!


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