Friday, July 20, 2012

Welcome back...

Wow, where did time go? I cannot believe I haven't posted since January.  Actually, I can believe it!!  For those of you who do not know- I was teaching at one school 5th grade science at the beginning of last school year.  On a Friday around 1:00pm I found out that I was moving to a new school on that Monday! I had to go back to class and try and teach for the rest of the day, but ended up just crying! That afternoon I packed up my room with help from family and coworkers!!  Monday morning I reported to my new school and I was teaching third grade, all subjects!  I never adjusted until close to the end of the school year.  However, I made it and so did the kids! In fact, they all did VERY well on the CRCT in all subjects!!!

Now I'm in limbo as to what will happen next school year.  As of now I'm at the same school, but teaching 5th grade science and social studies.  I've tried to plan and get things done over the summer, but that really didn't happen.  So I guess I will spend my last few weeks working to the grind to get ahead!!

I promise to get back in the blogging world! I really love reading what others have to say and see what has worked in their rooms!

If you can refer any bloggers that could help me with next year in these areas (see below) that would be great!!

Notebooking in Social Studies
Fifth grade Social Studies
Fifth grade Science
Georgia upper elementary teachers!

Until next time! ;)

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  1. You have had quite the year!! Good luck to you!


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