Saturday, June 29, 2013

Conduct Grades with Multiple Classes

I've always been curious about how classrooms that switch handle discipline.

My first year of teaching the other veteran teachers wanted to handle things in their classroom and not worry about what happened in other classes.  I found this very difficult because only 1 conduct grade was given, so what if Bob had a good day in my room and horrible day in the other 3 classes?  Why would Bob get a 100 for that day?

I ended up asking them very nicely to just do a simple checklist system.  I would pass around a clip board and if something happened they could write "t" for talking or "p" for playing and at the end of the day I would know who in my classroom had an off day.  It worked out pretty well. Now when their students came to my room, I had a checklist for them and recorded the same information, but it was for my knowledge and for use on my signed papers or parent conferences.

**Simple form that was passed around with my kids to the other three teachers.

Last year (different school and different teachers) we decided to do a more cohesive system.  We passed around a conduct book, which was a composition notebook.  We would write the names and the problems that we had that day and just pass the notebook around.  At the end of the week we would count the number of times that Bob was in the book and come up with his conduct grade.  The system was consistent, which worked out great in our parent conferences!!

**I did not create this form, it existed in the third grade when I started two school years ago at my current school.  I've made it "cuter" and updated it to fit my needs!  Click the image to go to my TPT store to get this item for FREE!!

Although the book system worked, it took some time to count up the names at the end of the week.  I made a suggestion of using the clipboard method that I had originally created during my first year, but the others said they wanted more room to document.

What ways do you track discipline in your classrooms that switch?  

I would love to hear what others have tried!



  1. We do something very similar too...each homeroom teacher passes around their clipboard that has all the kiddos names and we give the kids marks for misbehavior. Each mark has a code name. For example "DRS" would be Disrespect to Student or "NFD" would be Not Following Directions.
    Then there are various consequences depending on how many marks a student receives.

    I adore Class Dojo, and I while the clipboard system works great for us I rather just use this for behavior. It is hard getting all teachers to jump on board to use technology to track behavior. My goal this year is to ease my team into it. In the past we have handwritten behavior reports every Wednesday to share with parents...but with Class Dojo we could simply email or print the behavior reports.

    Love your blog by the way!
    Fifth Grade Dugout

  2. I started using Class Dojo at the end of last year and LOVED it! However, I don't think that I could get my buddies on board with using this system. Plus, how would you making one conduct grade based on three different teachers DOJOs. I was thinking of utilizing the Dojo system more for POSITIVE reinforcement and those students that are on task, teamwork, etc can earn points. The people with the highest amount of points at the end of the week get a prize!

    Love your blog, too!! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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