Thursday, June 27, 2013

History buff in the making, say what?

I will be completely honest and tell you that I was VERY nervous about teaching social studies.  I never enjoyed history in school, not one time!!!  **No offense to any of my old teachers that may stumble upon this.

Even in college I was completely "bored."  Last year in third grade, SS was not a huge focus.  In fact,  I taught it about 10 minutes every day.  I will say that 100% of my students passed the CRCT in SS, so I might of done a little more.  :)

So this school year I was quite nervous teaching SS and Science.  Science, I knew that I could do, but SS??!?!?!?!  I was worried I would just lecture and that students would be bored!  I was afraid that students wouldn't understand.

I tried to incorporate Interactive Notebooking, but it didn't work out!  I'm doing my research this summer and I hope that I can get it to work better.  **I'm open to suggestions!!!

I think that the teaching went okay altogether, but I will be making plenty of changes for next year.

However, for me- I'm completely excited about history!!  In fact, I'm trying to talk my hubby into taking me to Washington DC for our 5 year anniversary!!  When we visited Savannah last year, I hauled him down to Fort Pulaski!  I also didn't realize that Fort Sumter was that close to me in Augusta and I will be planning a Saturday trip for that, too!!  It is amazing the transformation I have taken on and the knowledge that I want to gain for my students!  It is like I've been ignoring history all my life and now I need to "catch-up."
(Inside Fort Pulaski)

Does that make me crazy?

What surprises have you had as a teacher, in regards to yourself and what you teach or want to learn?

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