Monday, June 24, 2013

Germs, Bacteria, MicroOrganisms- OH MY!!

So, before you read the post below, know that I posted it from my Ipad and apparently I didn't check what blog it went to!  I was going to edit the labels and I couldn't find it and just realized that I posted it to my classroom blog! Goofy me!! ;)

Happy Saturday everyone. I'm writing this post as I sit on the balcony and listen to the ocean waves, children squealing, and car motors roaring. What a glorious morning.

I wanted to take time out to share with you an activity that my students love.  It is geared for fifth grade Georgia standards, but I also incorporated it in 4th grade.  You could even do a health lesson using it.

Fifth grade science starts out with cells, which eventually goes into micro organisms.  I purchased Glo Germ, which if you click on the picture below you can see the Amazon affiliate link.  This past school year I made student stand in a large circle and we passed around a tennis ball (that I had already rubbed with Glo Germ) and students shared facts about cells and micro organisms.  They thought it was a review.  Afterwards, I started a discussion about how germs travel and not being able to see them, and the student then looked at their hands underneath a black light.  I did something similar to this my fourth grade year, but we tossed the ball to a partner instead.  

Next school year, I think I will put it on my hand and shake a few hands and such as I teach my lesson.  After I show those students the "germs" underneath the black light I will allow all students to get infected.  We then will split into soap and water and GermX and see which cleans hands the best. I will turn this into a review for Science Fair projects, too. 

I've heard and read other ways that this is incorporated into lessons, have you ever used Glo Germ?  I think a beginning of the year demonstration could set you up for a "healthier" school year. 

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