Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teaching Genetics

Another day I'm putting off my to do list.  I just cannot seem to get motivated this summer, even though I had big plans! ;)

Oh well, blogging is important- so that counts, right?

Today I wanted to share a wonderful website that I used when teaching Genetics and Heredity this year.

The website is called Teach Genetics (http://teach.genetics.utah.edu) and is ran by the University of Utah.  Although it is geared for middle and high school students, my fifth graders enjoyed MANY of the activities.

I was introduced to this website during the NSTA conference in Atlanta last November.  It was such a FUN experience!

The website has videos, lessons, pictures, etc.

The Print and Go Lessons are best!

I started out by sharing different traits that they could have, and students marked along using the Inventory of Traits sheet.

Students enjoyed playing the Make a Match Game!  Which got them talking in groups about traits that they had in common with others, and those that they had different.

Another favorite was Generations of Traits.

We were doing our Genetic and Heredity lesson at the beginning of December, so the gingerbread theme worked out great!  Students sorted the pom-poms and recorded the information of their results.

Our favorite activity was creating our own dog!!  Although it took a lot of prep time the students REALLY enjoyed working with a partner and creating their dogs.

After they created their dogs they got to share them with the class.

The website is simply wonderful and I haven't even went over EVERYTHING that it has!  Everything is user friendly and ready to print and use!

What type of lessons do you do for Genetics and Heredity?

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