Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July my friends!!  My hubby is working and I don't have plans until 4:00, so I am sitting in front of the computer planning and thinking about next year.

At the end of last year I took a class called Web 2.0.  It was a great class about different ways communication and collaboration could happen between students and teacher.  I received SEVERAL great websites that I want to incorporate next year.  It is probably websites that many others have been using, but I wanted to share just in case.

The first one that I'm going to blog about it is Wordle.  

The website description says, "Beautiful Word Clouds."  
I would have to say that I agree!  This is a Wordle that I did about how I teach and what I teach.  I think it is a good summary! ;)

You can type in words that you want, or you could copy and paste WHOLE texts!

This is one that I copied and pasted the Bill of Rights into!  The larger words represent the words that are used the MOST!  So if you were not copying and pasting WHOLE documents whenever you typed words into the box to create your own cloud then type one word SEVERAL times to create the larger and bolder effect!

There are Wordles that are saved and can be downloaded for your use, plus you could add yours to their website.

Another neat feature is you could select a link and copy and paste the URL.  Here is one of my blog url's... 
Once the Wordle is created you can customize the colors, or you could randomize and let Wordle do the work for you.  

How many of you use word clouds in your classroom?  What type of assignments have you created with the word cloud?

By the way, I only have two pay for items in my TPT store, but they are currently on sale for the fourth of July!  Here is the direct link if you're interested...

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