Thursday, August 1, 2013

LOVING my classroom!

Well, I went back to the school today.  I'm not complete done, but I'm ready for pre-planning and I can finish up the rest sometime during those three days.  I told my hubby tonight that this is the first time that I feel, "Hey this is my classroom."  Every year I've moved!  I've moved schools and classrooms.  I got to stay in the same room, same grade, and same subjects this year.  Anywho, here are the last minute items I made and hung up today. ;)  

 I absolutely love my SWAG banner. I hope the students like it, too.  The original idea came from  However, I changed the got to has because I'm proper like that! LoL.

 Yay, for my timeline.  The hubby helped me with this.  All we did was cut poster board in half, draw a line in the middle and then put cute name stickers every five inches apart. ;)  The students will be adding facts and dates to the timeline throughout the year.

 I gave myself some extra "time" on my timeline by going to 2020! LoL

 Technically, our standards cover 1860 to present, but we talk about briefly about how "America happened" (referring to the McDonald's Commercial!)

UPDATE on my timeline, click here.

 We got the desk moved and I put a table up near the board to place the computer for the promethean board.  Ignore the mess, that is one of my to do's still.

Here is the desk in the corner. :) 

Got this awesome poster at Target. I will write reminders and notes from the office like "Johnny rides the bus today."  It will also be where I write homework. :) 

The green and purple bins will hold the Twitter items for the Twitter board. 

Right outside my door for parents to scan, even visitors.  It takes them to my blog and gives them my email address. 

View of the rest of the items around my door.  The green paper beside my QR poster is how I tell students what books they need to bring to class.  I'm not a big book user and books can get heavy, so sometimes we only need one, or even just paper and pencils. 

Still have a table, that is now in the middle of this picture, that needs to be moved out.  

The front of my room. :) 

I got the frames hung without the ribbons. :) I hope they stay!  These are my EQ frames.

How is your room looking??


  1. How did you get the frames to stay?

  2. I HATE those ginormous desks! I feel like they take up so much room. Maybe they'll let me get rid of it...

    Love the banner with the QR awesome!

    Teachery Tidbits

  3. I bought this stuff from Hobby Lobby. It was in the glue section. I forgot the name, but it said the strength of glue and the ease of tape. (something like that.) It reminded me of the sticky stuff that is on credit cards that are mailed to you stuck on paper. I will post name of it when I get back in my room next week.

    1. Update: The frames fell over the weekend! I was back to square one! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope to utilize it like I plan and will love it even more!

  5. Hi Amber! I love your SWAG sign. I am also teaching fifth grade in Georgia! It is so nice to have extra set up time like you do. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award.

    The Pencil Monkey

    1. Thank you Julie! I just received the Liebster Award a couple of weeks ago, so I'm going to add your questions to that post! You can check it out at

      I hope we can share ideas about fifth grade this year!



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