Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Plans

Happy Summer for those already on break!  Our students got out of school May 24.  Teachers had to return the following Tuesday and Wednesday and then we were done.  However, Thursday and Friday I decided to take a class that the BOE had offered.  So this week started my summer break! :)  I had big plans for this summer, too.  In fact, this is my first summer that I have NOT worked!  I enjoy working at summer camp, but I wanted to take some time for me. 

Well, those big plans have not happened yet!  Instead I've been lazy for my first week!  Is that a bad thing?  I'm not sure!

I know that I'm not the only teacher who has created a summer to do list, so that is the reason for this post.  What big items do you have on your list?  Below you can see mine...

School Related:
Make bell work questions, social studies and science related for every day.  
Revamp lesson plans from last year, what worked and didn't work.
Make tic-tac-toe lessons for differentiation in the classroom
Come up with a new homework plan
Update Syllabus
Create a Science Fair Packet
Make Guess Who with 5th grade Historical Figures (Source: 
Empty old notebooks and put in files for file cabinet

Home Related:
Organize the office
Clean and de-clutter house
Have a yard sale
Clean out garage

Of course going to the beach a couple of times is in there, too. :)

Looks like I need to get busy, huh?

What are your summer plans?

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