Monday, August 12, 2013

About Me, Blog Hoppin' through Teacher Week

Like many bloggers today, I am going to participate in Teacher Week!  Today is All About me! Oh boy, right?

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1. In October I will celebrate 5 years of marriage.  Alex is my soul mate and I knew that in high school, but he didn't seem to like me like that.  However, I told him that we would be getting married!  And here we are! ;)

 Here is us in high school....

 Here is us just last weekend. <3

 2. I love learning! I love to go to conferences and just be among teachers!  If someone would pay me to go to these things, I totally would!  Here is my favorite conference NSTA in Atlanta last year!
3. We do not currently have any kids, but Bandi is definitely considered our baby. <3

4. My Mama is my best friend!! <3 

5. To increase the income in my classroom, I started to sell Scentsy! I love the products and love making extra money!  Here is the link to my website.  You should check it out because there is a SALE going on!

6. My favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz.  <3 

7. I love computers! I could sit and be on a computer all day and not once turn the television on!  I guess that makes me a computer geek, but I do NOT care!

8. I love to travel!  I've been to 19 states, but I would love to visit all 50 before I'm dead! ;)

9. I enjoy laughing!  I enjoy making others laugh.  This picture makes me happy! ;) 

10. I'm addicted to shopping.  I love to spend money on my students and my classroom! ;)  Hubby doesn't like this! Hence the reason for selling Scentsy! 
Check in tomorrow for day 2!! :)


  1. I just got married, and he is soon realizing how much I shop and forget things! Color me found out!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

    1. Haha, Ms. Chae! Congrats on the marriage and he will learn quickly! ;)


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