Sunday, August 18, 2013

Classroom Digs

Well, I'm late to teacher week.  If you've read my blog you know that I started back with the kids on Monday.  So I finished my first week last week during the official teacher week.  I was completely exhausted EVERYDAY and even yesterday I slept forever. :)  I'm playing catchup today, so bare with me as I share my classroom with you! ;)

If you're late to the party, or would like to see the others that linked up click on the picture!
I already shared some photos of my classroom, you can go here to see them..

But here is more! <3

As you walk in this is immediately to your right.  My reminder board is where I write homework or information sent from office that I need to tell students.  "Jimmy is a car rider today!"  I also have my signs for no name and hall passes.  The red bucket is for absent students.  The sign says "Were you absent?"  The folders inside have the days of the week and any day they are absent they can get the missed info from here.

My book shelf has already been used, so hence the messiness!  I am excited to have just my Science and SS books out for students!  On top of the shelf, the green and purple trays, are where I keep the twitter board cards! :) 

The students LOVED the SWAG sign! :) On this shelf I have health books, dictionaries, the black trays are for 4-H info for each class.  The red bin is for 4-H coke tabs that are collected throughout the year. 

Classroom Competition, blog coming soon! ;)  I am also in the process of making a new poster because we changed our requirements.

Edmodo Best Practices available by the computers to remind students of what is acceptable. 

 My desk, that I DO NOT use. LoL.  Unfortunately, it is the one item in the classroom that cannot be removed.  It can be moved around the room, but it cannot leave the classroom.  The black and gray buckets are for organization! More on that to come later!

I need to redo my labels, but here is where I keep scissors, rulers, crayons, etc. 

Teacher bookshelf 

Organization.  The shelf is more of a paper holder, instead of using it for student mailboxes.  I have 26 homeroom students, but teach 84 altogether. 

This goes along with our classroom competition! I'll be writing a blog about this soon! However, if you want to read about how it worked my first year, click here. 

Student point of view... 

When you walk in this is what you see. 

The little ol' white board. 

This is my entrance.

Thanks for visiting my classroom! <3

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